My love for photography was nourished by my grandfather. He used to work in a photography studio in Monterrey, Mexico. I remember him showing me pictures through a wheel, and teaching me how to pull the wheel’s handle to look at the next frame. Gifted by his sense of beauty, I began to look at magazines with a fresh set of eyes – seeing a picture, placing it on my bedroom wall, and staring at its splendor. This thirst for creative beauty and for daring perspective now shapes the way I see our world. I purchased my first camera in 1992- I knew right away that my passion was the potential for beauty that lay within its frame.

I don’t live my life as the world dictates; I live my life in the world that I am creating. I believe everyone is unique and has the soul of an artist- I am passionate about using my art to draw it out of each person I photograph. It is my goal that a photo session with me will leave you knowing just how beautiful you are in every way.

I am an eternal dreamer who loves butterflies, fairies, and the way the sun lights up the world. I love my husband and my daughter, and am deliriously happy with my life and work!


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